The Governor’s Ball Team

We are fortunate to have synergy from a team of some of the most respected and caring human beings on board with the Governor’s Ball


Tony Demicoli

Portland legend Tony DeMicoli has provided a stage for hundreds, if not thousands of artists over his career. From Key Largo to the Bite, Waterfront Blues Festival and Rose Festival, He is one of the most widely known and widely loved promoters in the business.


Melissa Maki

is so important she has her own page but she has been Patrick Lamb Productions Partner from the beginning and makes this event possible.


mc rydzewski

MC Rydzewski - a professional and motivated woman and successful A team personality, if it can be done, MC can do it. She has worked with Patrick on a few events including Jazz at the Oxford and launching the Vanport Jazz Festival its inaugural year


patrick lamb

Patrick Lamb Productions coordinates the Ball each year. For more information on Patrick check out his website here, or more info on his production company and awards here

Maryann Brunner.jpg

Maryann Brunner

Maryann Brunner enthusiastically joins Patrick's team, coming from nearly 13 years at Oregon Food Bank as Senior Event Producer. Her 30 years in event production and outstanding sponsor relations expertise makes her the perfect addition to this year's event experience.